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STC series three-phase A.C. Synchronous generator

Update: 2015/3/28 View:
  • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
  • Type: STC series
  • Order Online

STC series   three-phase  A.C. Synchronous generator Introduction

 The generators are to be used in town , the countryside , work sites , Mountain and pasture lands as a electric power source for lighting purpose , It can also be used as a reserved power Source for emergent case . The generators are of drip - poof with rotary field type and with the adoption of harmonic excitation system . that allow your easy operation and simple maintenance , The generators are of three - phase four - wire type , making use of atar connection with neutral point . The rated line voltage is 400V . Phase voltage 230V . Frequency 50Hz . power factor 0.8 ( lag ) . It can provide 60Hz and the other voltage’s generator according to necessary . They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through V - belt making right or reverse continuous rotation at the rated speed . when the revolution slip of prime mover is 3 % and load varies in the range of 0 - 1 00 % cosΦ  1.0 – 0.8 they give Food  constant voltage. After sudden change  ( increase or decrease ) of load . the generators constant voltage . will soon return to their normal working state , without any starting devices the generator can directly start an unloaded squirrel cage lnduction motor.

Technical parameters

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