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MK series gasoline generating set(8.5kw/10kw/15kw/17kw)

Update: 2015/3/28 View:
  • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
  • Type: MK series
  • Order Online

MK series gasoline generating set(8.5kw/10kw/15kw/17kw)

MK series gasoline generating set adopt imported with original packaging engine (KOHLER) as power and TFW / TFDW series brush less generator . It could use as backup reserve power for computer center , business center. The set could supply power such as :400V / 230 V (three-phase). 230 V (single-phase), 50/60Hz.perfect performance of voltage regulating precision ,frequency precision, noise grade. runtime ,load capacity (inductive load-lag 0.8)and so on .
1. MK series include generating/welding double-use model.
2. small waveform distortion rate ,generator rotor is tinertoy with whole punching (nonuniform air gap)and damp structure.
3.Voltage regulation precision high . with A.V.R.
4.The set equipped 4 universal wheels (with brake),easy to move ,could prevent glide when enable brake .
5.with 30 L  fuel tank.
6.Adopt the brushless generator with permanent -magnet could increase remanence.

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