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3 + 4 year olds

3:15-4pm  Tuesday


This creative class for little ones holds space for children to move their bodies while learning kinesthetic awareness, balance, and rhythm. Children explore independence, locomotion, shape-making, and storytelling through movement.


Classes are taught as a progression and are intended to be repeated.

3 + 4 year olds together, then 5 + 6 year olds.


a class for everybody- not just movers: actors,musicians, chefs, bodyworkers, truck drivers, get the idea.

MONDAY  5:45 - 6:15 PM


Learn to listen, to notice, to guide yourself, mind and body, towards more ease and spaciousness; more coordinated and dynamic movements;   find  ready stillness able to move as needed with intention. Somatic training that supports technique and all practices.  Guided explorations inspired by dance, yoga, Alexander Technique, and experiential anatomy. ALL LEVEL / NOT ONLY FOR DANCERS 


Pair this class with Extraordinary Moving for a 1.5hr class

Laura Hoffman / teacher

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