2020 - 2021

Schedule TBD




these are yearlong classes 

we allow joining mid year with permission of teacher

4:15 - 5:15pm

Dance Forms

w/ Maryn

6 + 7 yrs

3:15 - 4pm

Creative Movement  +


w/ Maryn

3 - 5yrs


        MON             TUE             WED               THU                   FRI                SAT             SUN   

5:30 - 6:45pm


Dance Forms

w/ Maryn

8 - 12 yrs

4 - 5:30pm

Wild Things Physical Theater

w/ Maryn

7 - 13 yrs


Making Dances

w/Lisa Yaconelli

7-9 yrs


Making Dances

w/Lisa Yaconelli

10-13 yrs


Dance Forms -Skills, Styles,Steps  + You

w/Laura and Lisa

7-13 yrs3


Stories, Imagination, and Movement w/Lisa Yaconelli

5-7 yrs


All kid classes are yearlong.

Monthly prices are based on the year.

We allow joining mid year with permission of teacher.


Creative Movement  +  Play

with Maryn Whitmore

This creative class for little ones holds space for children to move their bodies while learning kinesthetic awareness, balance, and rhythm. Children explore independence, locomotion, shape-making, and storytelling through movement and play.


$50 per month

Making  Dances

with Lisa Yaconelli

This improvisation and choreography class helps movers become confident in what they know, and encourages them to start making something out of it. 

Using modern choreography techniques, we will compose group and solo dances with different types of music, personal writings, drawings, movement games, and challenges. 


This class is as much about children getting to know themselves and finding their voice, as it is about dance. If your child wants to be a professional dancer this class will make them a smarter and a more articulate dancer.  If your child just enjoys dancing, this will only encourage their love of movement by keeping them curious and challenged -pushing them to follow their own questions, and answering them in their own way.

Making Dances prepares your child for Wild Things Physical Theater and is a good compliment to Dance Forms

$60 per month

This rigorous dance class explores classical and contemporary dance technique and its use within the body, improvisational structures, and phrase work. Through alignment patterning, muscle development, flexibility training, body awareness, and artistic tuning, dancers learn to use movement as a means of self-expression and overall well-being.


$60 per month

Mondays 4:15-5:15pm

6 + 7 yrs

Mondays 5:30-6:45pm

8 - 12 yrs

Tuesdays 3:15 - 4pm

3 - 5 yrs

Thursdays  4:15-5:30pm

7- 9 yrs

Thursdays  5:45-7:00pm

10- 13 yrs

Tuesdays 4:15 - 5:30pm

7-13 yrs

Dance FORMS-

Skills, Styles, STEPS + You

with Lisa Yaconelli and Laura Hoffman

This skill building and inspiring dance class delves into modern, contemporary and classical dance technique with an emphasis on individuality.  Students learn, embody and express  dance vocabulary  and technique while enhancing kinesthetic awareness, alignment, strength, and flexibility.   Learning movement patterns, rhythms, use of weight, space, and time students discover personal movement affinities, coordination and  integration.

This invigorating class includes skills practice, somatic experience, phrase work, locomotion,  improvisation and choreography. While dancing we're also developing emotional and body intelligence.

Freedom within structure. Structure within freedom.

This class is for all levels and a compliment to Making Dances, and Wild Things Physical Theater.

$60 per month

Dance Forms

with Maryn Whitmore


with Lisa Yaconelli

Thursdays 3:15 - 4:00pm


Sponsored by Avid Bookshop, each class will be inspired by a story read outloud before or during class.  Movement exercises will be based on the environment of the story, the emotion, or the characters, encouraging students to live and move in the story, as well as create more story.  Performance will be the first weekend of May and will include an original story created by the students. 



Wednesdays 4 - 5:30pm

7 - 13 yrs

wild things physical theater

with Maryn Whitmore


A training and performance ensemble expanding the conventional idea of dance, Wild Things train in Dance Forms, improvisational structures, Pilates, mindfulness, rhythmic analysis, and performance skills. Wild Things are technicians and generators, developing a repertoire of engaging work, while building character and camaraderie. Wild Things perform in and around the Athens community and have the opportunity to work with guest artists.

$60 per month with occasional materials and costume fees


6-12 yrs


Parents Night Out WITH

WhirliGIGcreative camps FOR kiDS       

For ages 6 - 12

A fun multi-arts night for your kids, and a fun do whatever wherever for you!

Movement games, obstacle courses, puzzles, free play, music, art making of all kinds!


$10 per hour

summer camp


Ages  6 - 12        M-F 9am -3pm

WhirliGIG  creative camps FOR kiDS       

A fun multi-arts weekly camp for your kids


2D and 3D Art making projects

Movement, Music, and Active Play

Let's Make a Show!

9 am - 3pm   

includes snacks and art supplies  

co leaders: Andrea Trombetta,  Laura Hoffman, Maryn Whitmore, Lisa Yaconelli