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Message in a Bottle

Pandemic 2020 mobile series


Donate to the artists or support Small Box Series' future productions.

We are a 100% supported by the audience. Thank you!


Small Box Series is a quarterly performance series limited to a 4x4 box. Movement artists, musicians, bands, writers, actors, poets, and more use the small stage to bring the audience closer to their work and their experience.  Each show has limited capacity and provides provisions and beverages to encourage audience interaction and artist/audience conversation.  Produced and Curated by Lisa Yaconelli

ABOUT MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE VIDEO SERIES  From July 2020-October 2020 the box was dropped off at an artist's home where they had to create something new in a week.  The results of that creation was recorded and revealed on IGTV, Facebook, and Vimeo channel Small Box Series Message in a Bottle (click below).  Follow Small Box Series on Facebook and Instagram 

ABOUT MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE COMMUNITY WRITING PROJECT (Supported by Athens Cultural Affairs Commission)

From October-December 2020 I will be collecting writings from YOU, those from Athens and across the country, then cutting and pasting them together to create a soundscape for a dance to be performed live and on video in Spring 2021. While collecting the writings, I will read what I receive in their entirety on IGTV @messageinabottlewritingproject. 


There are two ways to participate

1) Write a letter to a friend, foe, real, imagined, dead or alive and tell them about your pandemic experience/s.  These will be read anonymously.  You can write a poem, a list, or a story.  Roll it up.  Put in a bottle.  Drop off. 

We have cans with an ocean wave over them at different locations all over Athens. 

AVID BOOKSHOP 1662 S. Lumpkin St 

JITTERY JOE'S Roaster on Barber St (not yet)

JITTERY'S JOE'S Eastside (not yet)

2) To send writing electronically you can use this link (click WRITE)

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