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An energizing class focusing on the fundamentals of modern dance. A fun warm-up and phrases across the floor carry the dancer into improvisations and choreography.


A contemporary ballet class focusing on alignment, musicality, and a positive approach to the body. Each class will include classical barre, adagio, and allegro. Expect a lively and fun class grounded in the fundamentals and beauty of ballet.


Tap dancing brings the rhythm to the feet. Dancers learn syncopation and musicality while building strength and stamina, and explore the fun of tap dance.



Dancers explore the genre of jazz dance through this high energy class. A warm-up focusing on isolations, strengthening, and stylistic choices, moves into progressions across the floor and ends in choreography.


Pilates is intelligent exercise for the body and mind. Working from the inside out, Pilates strengthens, elongates, and invigorates the body through exercises rooted in the deep abdominals. 


This creative class involves the dancer developing movement through prompts, dance elements, and the exploration of personal movement vocabulary. Dancers learn to use movement as expression and find a choreographic voice.

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